Candriam: Belfius investment partner

06 FEB


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Candriam and the impact indicators that underlie its investment choices

In January 2018, Candriam expanded the scope of its impact indicators to include 10 specific ones chosen to show the positive impact on the environment, society and corporate governance. These are published quarterly in portfolio reports of the five funds awarded the Government SRI Label in France.

These indicators have been based on their objectivity and their ability to cover a broad range of “factors” in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) analysis. We have selected indicators with a high information coverage. Environmental indicators are based on Trucost data, the others indicators are based on the MSCI ESG.

Here’s a quick overview of these 10 indicators:

Environmental indicators:

  • Carbon footprint 
  • Water footprint
  • 2-degree analysis 

Social indicators

  • Objectives for improving health & safety performance
  • Existence of a collective labour agreement 

Respect-for-human-rights indicators

  •  Female presence on boards of directors 

Governance indicators

  • Independent board of directors
  • Independent external auditor
  • Independent audit committee
  • Compliance with the 10 principles of the Global Compact

If you are interested in these new reports, your relationship manager will be pleased to provide you further information.