Motivated, empowered teams

Building long-term relationships with our employees

Candriam aims to build long-term relationships with all of its staff, based on our common aims and shared values.

Responsible employees

Always emphasising the power of teamwork, we encourage our employees to embrace our company’s entrepreneurial spirit by acting upon their convictions, while ensuring they feel a sense of responsibility to our clients and act with the long term in mind.

Investing in human resources

In an era of uncertain markets and an increasingly complex investment landscape, at Candriam we have responded by investing in our human resources – both in terms of recruiting new experts and training our existing staff.

Candriam places great importance on diversity – in terms of age, gender, nationality and culture. Diversity within our company is vital if we are to be able to answer the diverse needs of our clients in rapidly changing market conditions. More than twenty different nationalities are represented among our staff of more than 500.

We invest in the development of our staff throughout their careers through dedicated training programmes and e-learning tools.

We also ensure that our employees’ financial rewards are based on a responsible assessment of their performance, and that we provide attractive non-financial rewards such as training opportunities, a pleasant work environment and the knowledge they will always be treated with respect.

With a staff turnover rate well below the industry average, we take great pride in the remarkable stability of our teams. Our human resources policy and constant investment in the development of our staff have played a major role in fostering a sense of loyalty to our company among our employees.